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          Company brief

                Yishun Household Chemical Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1990. As a global professional shoe care products manufacturer and supplier, Yishun has been honored to serve their esteemed customers for more than 23 years. Till now, Yishun has grown to be one of top 6 shoes polish manufacturers in china and it covers five well-known registered trade marks in different quality level. The product range includes Liquid care, Shine sponge, Cream care, Liquid clean, Shoes horn, Shoes keepers, Boots trees, Shoes polish brushes etc. Meanwhile, we also offer ODM or OEM services and provide polish packing accessories as well.

               Yishun factory occupies around 2,500 square meters with more than 200 experienced staffs and sets up a very strong R & D department. We regularly exhibit our new collection shoe care products in china Canton fair and other fairs abroad. Thanks to our personnel’s great efforts and insistent innovation, Yishun has been a most preferred partner and supplier of our global clients. Our registered trade mark wins china famous brand and gets good reputations in china. Our Philosophy is to meet and exceed our clients’ needs in quality, costing, delivery and services. You are warmly welcome to visit our company.


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        Service Hotline:400-068-9828